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The dance of seasons, a sandstorm in a magic hourglass, a secret world of clocks. Listening to our music is like losing yourself in reading a storybook filled with suspense and surprises. Singer- songwriter Joëlle puts the music of the band into words by writing poetic lyrics that spark your imagination, beautifully completing the compositions as a whole.


Like the different branches of a tree, softly colored melodies and rich, bright harmonies branch the many stories of our songs. Our music blossoms out of simple elements and is inspired by many styles, from modern jazz to cinematic music. The different compositions bring about a sense of peace and happiness. Dreamy, catchy vocals intertwine with exciting and adventurous instrumental solos throughout the different songs.


"Unfolding Stories" consists of a group of musicians who long to show their listeners the pure and simple beauty of modern jazz.

Compositions written by Hajime Suzuki with lyrics by Joëlle show a new, surprising blend of inspiration. The band wishes their listeners to enjoy the softly colored melodies that branch the many stories of their songs.

The individual musicians of the group bring a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds to the music, like the different pages of a story book.


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Hajime Suzuki is a double bass player, composer and teacher based in the Netherlands from 2014. Born and raised in Sendai, Japan, he graduated Top of the Year at the renowned Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Tokyo, in 2012.

As a bass player, he has been invited to perform at the prestigious Taipei International Jazz Festival, the Sapporo City Jazz Festival and many more. His first album, ‘Kotodama’ (2014), aimed to blend traditional Japanese music and jazz.

The album received generally positive reviews, which led to an interview with Hamakko Stream Radio and a live broadcast at popular Japanese radio station Mot FM.

Hajime Suzuki

| Composer / Bass Player |

Marína Ósk is a 28 years old Icelandic vocalist. This Amsterdam based singer is currently studying jazz in the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She’s been performing professionally since the age of 15 and teaching since the age of 18.

Marina took her first steps in music at a young age when her mother put a recorder in her hands. From that point on there was no turning back. At the age of 5 she started studying the flute at her local music school and at 16 she got a guitar from Christmas and started writing her own music. A few years later she got to know with jazz and started taking vocal lessons, focusing on pop and jazz music. After graduating from her local music school she worked as a full time music teacher, choir conductor and performer.

Having lived in Iceland most of her life, she’s performed in tons of weddings ceremonials, wedding parties, christenings, concerts, birthday parties, pubs and so on. At the moment she studies jazz but does all kinds of genres as well; pop, folk, blues.

Marína Ósk

| Singer |

Growing up in the Dutch countryside, Stefan Bos (1996) started playing piano at 8 years old and showed an keen interest in improvised music very early on. From the age of 11 he followed lessons at the young talent department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he is currently in his second year of the bachelor program.

He can be seen performing across the country with various musicians and ensembles, both in traditional as well as modern jazz settings.

Stefan Bos

| Pianist |

SunMi Hong was born on the 15th of July 1990 in Incheon, South-Korea. She began to play Drums at the age of 17. At the age of 19 she was accepted into Howon University in Korea where she mostly played Funk and R&B Music.

SunMi's path was directed towards Jazz whilst listening to great records from Brian Blade, Gregory Hutchinson, Ari Hoenig & Roy Haynes. After being accepted into one of the most renowned Schools of jazz in Europe, The Conservatorium van Amsterdam, she was placed under the wing of drum masters such as Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse, Lucas Sebastiaan van Merwijk & Gerhard Jeltes.

Over the five years SunMi has been living in Amsterdam, she has developed sensitivity in her playing. This is displayed through a well tempered swing feel which makes clear her personal identity within the music.

Sun Mi Hong

| Drummer |


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Music: Hajime Suzuki / Lyrics: Joëlle


Music: Hajime Suzuki / Lyrics: Joëlle


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